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Secret Garden

Some 32 privileged individuals will live in this special self-contained private estate ! Become the lucky owner of a secret garden in the middle of the city ! A dreamlike world in which everything stands still bringing serenity into your life. A secret location within the intimacy of an inconspicuous islet. Passing through the entrance gate, there are no cars, and everything feels fluid and calm with particular attention paid to comfort thanks to high-quality finishes that are energy efficient. A breath of nature and fresh air - guaranteed! Each flat has a private terrace and individual parking, and is situated around a perfectly landscaped garden in order to provide you with a maximum sense of weel-being - like a little piece of Central Park ! PEB should be delivered by the IBGE but the prevision are between B and C. The floor space indicated is the rough surface.


Le Clos Steyls - Les derniers appartements

Apartments available at the act ! In the heart of the town of Laeken, at the border of Jette, discover the Clos Steyls’ apartments. Calm and greenary in the heart of the Capital. EPB between B- and C-


Canal District : Les Dernières Opportunités

For all those who enjoy life to the fullest and who seem to instinctively know where "the place to be" is, Canal District - a new district in the heart of Brussels - is quickly becoming the must see. This is the canal zone between the trendy "Dansaert area" and the canal itself. The Dansaert area has developed into a vibrant fashion-focused center over the past few year, and the canal zone is now set to follow even more rapidly ! And this is where the latest stylish accomodations of the European capital will soon be making their appearance - a harmonious balance between everyday living and sheer comfort. If you are looking for an abundance of light and air, Canal District is where you want to be - so why not indulge in well-being... New construction, EPB to be delivred by the IBGE


Sylvain Dupuis

ALREADY 70% SOLD ! In front of Westland Shopping, discover those new apartments in construction. From the studio to the 3 bedrooms apartment, with or without terrace. Possibility of Parking. EPB between B- and C-.


Château d'Eau

Beautiful rural situation. Near the French college, in Château d’eau street, new construction of 3 contemporary houses with wood structure and lower energy consumption. The house have 200m² area and 50m² cellars, the living room are bright and spacious, the terrace are furnished in prolongation of living room. EPB in wait. New construction, EPB to be delivred by the IBGE.


Carré Vert

Visit the Apartments and house in a beautiful wooded enclosed in the heart of the town of Uccle , close to the Parvis Saint -Pierre. EPB between B+ and B-.


Les Appartements de l'Îlot Sacré

In the historic center of Brussels, near the Grand Place and the Saint-Hubert galleries, discover the apartments and penthouse of the project “ÎLOT SACRE” Already 80% sold, do not wait to discover the last opportunities ! New construction, EPB to be delivred by the IBGE


Flanders Gate

90% SOLD LIVE OR INVEST IN THE HEART OF THE BRUSSELS-CAPITAL REGION – The "FLANDERS GATE" residence, a few steps from the Canal and rue Antoine Dansaert, offers a selection of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, duplexes and houses, with terraces or gardens, all centred around a landscaped and planted interior area. EPB between C and C-.

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