Superbe Studio au centre ville

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Superbe Studio au centre ville

For all those who enjoy life to the fullest and who seem to instinctively know where "the place to be" is, Canal District - a new district in the heart of Brussels - is quickly becoming the must see. This is the canal zone between the trendy "Dansaert area" and the canal itself. The Dansaert area has developed into a vibrant fashion-focused center over the past few year, and the canal zone is now set to follow even more rapidly ! And this is where the latest stylish accomodations of the European capital will soon be making their appearance - a harmonious balance between everyday living and sheer comfort. If you are looking for an abundance of light and air, Canal District is where you want to be - so why not indulge in well-being... New construction, EPB to be delivred by the IBGE

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