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Secret Garden

Some 32 privileged individuals will live in this special self-contained private estate ! Become the lucky owner of a secret garden in the middle of the city ! A dreamlike world in which everything stands still bringing serenity into your life. A secret location within the intimacy of an inconspicuous islet. Passing through the entrance gate, there are no cars, and everything feels fluid and calm with particular attention paid to comfort thanks to high-quality finishes that are energy efficient. A breath of nature and fresh air - guaranteed! Each flat has a private terrace and individual parking, and is situated around a perfectly landscaped garden in order to provide you with a maximum sense of weel-being - like a little piece of Central Park ! PEB should be delivered by the IBGE but the prevision are between B and C. The floor space indicated is the rough surface.

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In a few lines



Let yourself be transported to the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Brussels - culture, sport, shopping or relaxation, just follow your whims on the moment !


Secret Garden's ideal location allows you to move from a spontaneous evening at Place du Châtelain, to a cultural moment in Studio Flagey, perhaps by way of the Avenue Louise to indulge in some well-deserved shopping.




The company will provide all of their expertise to ensure that the construction project is impeccably realised.

Here are a few elements of the design brief which are available on demand :


- latest generation aluminum window frame

- dual-flow ventilation

- individual boiler

- semi-massive wooden floor in the living room and bedrooms

- complete sanitary facilities : suspended toilet, ceramic wall tilling from the floor to the celling 

- fully equipped kitchen

- videophone 



Availability & price list*

  • Réf.
  • Ro.
  • Surf.(brute)
  • Price
  • Map
  • C01
  • -
  • € 230.000
  • C01 for sale

    Secret Garden

  • D01
  • 3
  • € 645.000
  • D01 for sale

    Secret Garden

  • F01
  • 1
  • € 350.000
  • F01 for sale

    Secret Garden

  • G01
  • 1
  • Sold
  • G01 for sale

    Secret Garden

  • A11
  • 2
  • € 380.000
  • A11 for sale

    Secret Garden

  • C11
  • 3
  • € 420.000
  • C11 for sale

    Secret Garden

    • E11
    • -
    • € 255.000
    • E11 for sale

      Secret Garden

      • H11
      • 1
      • € 315.000
      • H11 for sale

        Secret Garden

      • H12
      • 1
      • € 325.000
      • H12 for sale

        Secret Garden

      • B21
      • 2
      • Sold
      • B21 for sale

        Secret Garden

      • G21
      • 3
      • € 620.000
      • G21 for sale

        Secret Garden

      *As an indication and not contractual

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      Control Authority: IPI, Luxembourg street 16B, 1000 Brussels
      Subject to the code of ethics of the IPI: www.ipi.be