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Estate agency

For our clients – real estate developers and individuals – we take charge of the A to Z follow-up of their project, meaning:

  • To visit the property and take pictures
  • Redaction of a commercial description of the property illustrated with pictures
  • Publication via different channels: website of our own agency along with specialised websites, newspapers, magazines, ...
  • Telephone contacts and mailings to our existing clientele
  • To visit the property with potential buyers
  • Negotiations between the vendor and the potential buyer
  • Redaction of the sales documents based on the documents provided by the notary
  • Signature of the sales documents in the notary’s office

To put it briefly, we accompany our clients from the very start till the signature of the authentic deed of sale at the notary’s office.

Real Estate Development

We are continuously looking for parcels for residential real estate projects such as:

  • Building plots
  • Grounds for apartments buildings
  • Plots for mixed projects

The size of the project is of no importance. We are looking for either small projects (+/- 10 apartments) for construction companies/real estate developers and for bigger projects for Belgian and international real estate developing companies.

We take charge of the preliminary study of your project enabling to define the key elements on the basis of the location, the layout and the urbanistic standards and regulations in force.

We coach the real estate developer with the implementation of his projects, the licence application, the conception of the advertising means, etc.

And finally, we take care of the full sales process of future real estate designed and to be built by the real estate developer.

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